The Health Care Authority’s mission is: We ensure that New Mexicans attain their highest level of health by providing whole-person, cost-effective, accessible, and high-quality health care and safety-net services.

Mi Via Other Related Goods & Supports

Other supports that are available to enhance or enable the participant to receive other services on his/her plan, or to decrease the need for more direct services, thereby increasing his/her independence. In Mi Via these supports include: Emergency Response Services; Environmental Modifications, Related Goods, Respite and Transportation.

Please see the Mi Via Self-Directed Waiver Service Standards – Appendix A: Service Descriptions in Detail for more information.

Emergency Response Services

Emergency Response Services (ERS) provide an electronic device that enables a participant to secure help in an emergency at home and thereby avoids institutionalization. The participant may also wear a portable “help” button to allow for mobility. The system is connected to the participant’s phone and programmed to signal a response center when a “help” button is activated. The response center is staffed by trained professionals.

Environmental Modifications

Environmental modification services include the purchase and/or installation of equipment and/or making physical adaptations to a participant’s residence that are necessary to ensure the health, welfare, and safety of the participant or enhance the participant’s level of independence. All services shall be provided in accordance with applicable federal, state, and local building codes. Excluded are those adaptations or improvements to the home that are of general utility and are not of direct medical or remedial benefit to the participant, such as fences, storage sheds or other outbuildings. Adaptations that add to the total square footage of the home are excluded from this benefit except when necessary to complete an adaptation.

Related Goods and Services

Related goods and services are equipment, supplies or services, not otherwise provided through Mi Via, the Medicaid state plan or through Medicare. Related Goods and Services do not include services such as housecleaning, yard maintenance, etc. Related goods must be documented in the SSP, and be approved by the TPA.


Respite is a flexible family support service that provides support to the participant and gives the primary, unpaid caregiver time away from his/her duties. If there is a paid primary caregiver residing with the participant providing living supports and/or community membership supports, respite services cannot be utilized.


Transportation services are offered to enable participants to gain access to waiver and non-medical community services, events, activities and resources, as specified by the SSP related to community resources and services, work, volunteer sites, homes of local family or friends, civic organizations, or social clubs, public meetings, or other civic activities, and spiritual activities or events. Transportation for vacation is not covered through the Mi Via Program.