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Receiving Payments

CSSD has multiple payment options available for custodial parents who receive child support.

  • Pre-Paid Debit Card
    • If a custodial parent does not have an existing checking account, he/she can request a pre-paid debit card. The pre-paid debit card allows for payments to be processed as quickly as direct deposit. Please note, there may be fees associated with certain transactions. If you would like to learn more or complete an application, click here.
  • Check
    • Checks can be mailed to custodial parents who do not have an existing checking account or do not wish to use the pre-paid debit card. Checks can take 7-10 business days to arrive in the mail under normal circumstances. Checks may take longer to arrive due to inclement weather, loss/theft of mail, etc. CSSD does not recommend the regular use of checks for receipt of child support.