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Background Checks

Caregivers Criminal History Screening Program Training Unit is committed to assisting you with any training related, user portal or applications questions. If the CCHSP Training Unit can be of any assistance, please contact us at CCHSPrequests@doh.nm.gov or give us a call at (505) 423-4637.


The Caregivers Criminal History Screening Program (CCHSP) is an essential piece in the enforcement of the NMDOH policy of “Zero tolerance” of Abuse, Neglect & Exploitation (ANE) and in the DHI mission of enhancing the quality of health systems for all New Mexicans.

All new caregivers or hospital caregivers are required to go through CCHSP’s background check process which includes, a search on the Consolidated Online Registry (COR), this includes each applicant gets search on the New Mexico Employee Abuse Registry (EAR), Office of Inspector General (OIG) List of excluded Individuals/Entities, Multi-State Nurse Registry Aide and National Sex Offender Public Website. After a Caregiver/Hospital Caregiver is cleared from the COR, the caregiver/hospital caregiver will be printed and CCHSP will receive results from both federal and state repositories.

Caregivers/Hospital Caregivers with a disqualifying criminal conviction(s) or who have been placed on the EAR for a substantiation of abuse, neglect or exploitation are not eligible to work as a caregiver/hospital caregiver or have access to patient/client/resident information or records unless they petition to be removed from the EAR after three years of placement (refer NMAC Regulation 7.1.12) or for all disqualifying convictions they provide all requested documentation within the established timeframe and their case file is heard by the Reconsideration Committee. The Reconsideration Committee will determine the caregivers/hospital caregiver’s eligibility (Refer to NMAC Regulation 7.1.9 or Statute 29-17-5 NMSA 1978 amended)

Background Checks for Community-Based Waiver Service Providers and Support Caregivers

Effective January 1, 2022, via this notice, all new hired “caregiver” employees of licensed health facilities and home and community-based Medicaid waiver programs who are defined as a “caregiver” (see 29-17-4 NMSA and NMAC) and hired on or after January 1, 2022, shall be in compliance with 29-17-2 et seq and 7.1.12 NMAC and complete a background check at time of hire.
See memo Background Check Supplement for complete details regarding background checks for caregivers hired between April 1, 2020 and December 31, 2021 Any caregiver hired during the public health emergency and has not had a fingerprint background check must come into compliance by March 31, 2022.

Caregivers Criminal History Screening Act

The CCHSP was established in response to the Criminal History Screening for Caregivers Act [29-17-1 through 29-17-5 NMSA 1978 amended]. The act requires the health facilities and Medicaid community-based waiver providers to complete a caregiver criminal history screening no later than 20 calendar days after the first day of employment. The screening or background check includes the submission of fingerprints for clearance on the federal state repositories. The CCHSP receives and processes Background Check applications for criminal history screenings from care providers in the State of New Mexico.

When is Screening Required?

Any caregiver/hospital caregiver who is currently employed or any applicant that is offered employment as a caregiver with a care provider must be screened. New caregivers must receive both: a Criminal History Screening for Caregivers: Background Check, which must be submitted to the CCHSP no later than 20 calendar days after the first day of employment. And receive a check of the Employee Abuse Registry (EAR) prior to hire.


Health facilities and Medicaid Community based waiver provider have two options available to complete background checks.

IDEMIA/IdentoGO information:

Digital Fingerprints


IDEMIA Livescan fingerprinting service locations are operating on a limited basis. You may want to reach out to a vender in your area for hours and availability.

In most cases, results are provided within 3-5 calendar days.

  • Place of employment will check applicants’ status of the Consolidated Online Employee Abuse Registry (COR).
  • If the applicant is clear on the COR, the place of employment will send applicant to a livescan vendor.
  • Applicant needs to have the Fingerprint Authorization Form or “registration ID” and payment made to IdentoGO in the amount of $88.30.
  • Results will be returned to NMDOH for processing.
  • NMDOH will notify applicants and employer once all documents are processed and if applicant is cleared or disqualified.

Paper Fingerprint Card Method

Care providers must submit a complete criminal history-screening packet for each caregiver for which they are requesting a nation and state-wide criminal history screening (background check).

Each packet requires, the following process:

1. Applicants should obtain three (3) completed fingerprints from a local law enforcement agency or an IdentoGO location that offers “Print-n-GO!” services. These fingerprint cards may be either traditional ink rolled fingerprints or electronically captured and printed on fingerprint cards.

Applicants will be required to show identification at the time of service. Check with the location for their specific identification requirements.

Once fingerprints are captured on a fingerprint hard card and the individual’s demographic data is filled out completely, follow these steps to pre-enroll:

1. Go online to the IndentoGO website.

2. Select the option To Mail in your Fingerprint Card (image below, shown with red box around it):


3. Follow the prompts

Please mail hard fingerprint cards to:

IdentoGO Cardscan Department: New Mexico Program
340 Seven Springs Way, Suite 250
Brentwood, TN 37027


Additional information is available at Caregivers Criminal History Screening.
Or If you have any questions contact IDEMIA at EnrollmentDelivery@us.idemia.com
IDEMIA link: IndentoGO

Overview of IDEMIA New Mexico Applicant Solution PowerPoint

New Mexico Application Registration Process

New Mexico Non-Resident/Fingerprint Card Scan Overview PowerPoint

This PowerPoint details procedures for applicants outside of the state of New Mexico.

Fingerprint background check services Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

List of Acceptable forms of Identification for New Mexico Enrollment Program


Rules and regulations set forth the requirements and procedures for submission of applicant and caregiver fingerprints, payment of fees, and administrative reconsideration for caregivers with prior conviction history.

Fees are necessary, as this program does not receive general fund appropriations from the legislature.