The Health Care Authority’s mission is: We ensure that New Mexicans attain their highest level of health by providing whole-person, cost-effective, accessible, and high-quality health care and safety-net services.

Enabling Technology


DDSD supports a system-wide culture across waiver services that embraces person-centered, equitable access to a range of enabling technology that has the flexibility to promote independence, individual choice, and respects rights and privacy for people with Intellectual and/or Developmental Disabilities, regardless of level of disability.

What Is Enabling Technology?

The use of various forms of devices and technology to support a person with disabilities to live as independently as possible. These types of technologies include sensors, mobile applications, remote support systems, and other smart devices. Enabling technology can support a person in navigating their jobs and communities, gain more control of their environment, and provide remote support and reminders to assist a person in living more independently. Enabling Technologies include off-the-shelf and customized devices and services that empower independence, embody self-determination, and enhance quality of life.

What is Technology First?

A framework for system changes where technology is considered first in the discussion of support options available to individuals and families through person-centered approaches to promote meaningful participation, social inclusion, self-determination, and quality of life. Two primary goals include technology as a natural support and reducing the number of direct support hours.

How is Enabling Technology Funded?

Enabling Technology is available in the Mi Via, DD and Supports Waiver Programs through various service titles and codes.

Mi Via Waiver

  • Personal Emergency Response System
  • Technology for Safety and Independence

DD Waiver

  • Assistive Technology Purchasing Agent
  • Remote Personal Support Technology

Supports Waiver

  • Assitive Technology

Service providers may also fund and use enabling technology in combination with Direct Support Professionals in the provision of their services.

Where to Find Technology Vendors

New Mexico has started working with a number of vendors. Find a list here: Technology Vendors Resource List

Need help from DDSD? Contact DDSD Technology Champions

Name Phone DDSD Bureau
Anysia Fernandez 505 629-7476 Supports Waiver
Christina Hill 505-690-4094 Community Programs and Co – Chair
Elaine Hill 505-506-6103 Mi Via Waiver
Jacob Archuleta 505-452-6883 Training & Knowledge Management Unit
Angie Brooks 575-915-8345 Regional Offices and Co – Chair
Aaron Joplin 505-478-3035 Northwest Regional Office Director
Katherine Herrera 505-592-2672 Community Inclusion
Robin Leinwand 505-239-1768 Occupational Therapy
David Naranjo 505-551-2509 Northeast Regional Office
Krystal Barela 505-592-2672 Northeast regional Office
Cara Latil 505-819-7346 Community Programs Bureau

Technology First Community of Practice and Monthly  Spotlight Series

DDSD has embarked on the Technology First Initiative. Technology Spotlight Series and Community of Practice meets virtually on the first Wednesday of the month. Technology Spotlight Series and Community of Practice Meeting

Meetings will showcase national leaders in the technology first movement, exciting technology demonstrations from national vendors, and success stories for individuals benefiting from enabling technology in New Mexico.

Resources from the series along with other important technology first information will be gathered into a New Mexico DDSD Technology Community of Practice.




Are you ready?  Are you Ready for a Technology Screening Tool?

Task Prompting Service Example How to use technology task prompting and applicable vendors.

Medication Service Example How to use technology to increase independence with medication and applicable vendors.

Home Sensor System Service Example How to use home sensors for independence.

Remote Support Service Example How to have staff operate from a remote location.

ETIP Form Enabling Technology Integration Plan

ETIP example Sample completed ETIP

Transition Milestones & Timelines A tool to help you think about steps to include in an ETIP

Provider Workflow / Implementation Timeline Steps for working with a team and Circle of Support to identify tech solutions and implement a plan with a vendor

Remote Staffing Requirements Interim Standards for Remote DSP/Staffing

DDW- SW Agency Based Payment DDW and Supports Waiver Agency Based Tech Vendor Payment Process

Remote DSP DDW Remote DSP Payment Process

Self-Direction Payment Process Mi Via and Supports Waiver Self-Directed Tech Vendor

NM Project Checklist Check list for Provider agencies to organizational transformation and SHIFT Accreditation