Turquoise Care Medicaid Managed Care Request for Proposals (RFP# 23-630-8000-0001) and Procurement Library 


The purpose of this Request for Proposals (RFP) is to solicit competitive, sealed proposals from Managed Care Organizations (MCOs) to provide services to Members of the New Mexico Medicaid managed care program, hereinafter referred to as “Turquoise Care,” beginning in 2024.

This RFP sets forth the New Mexico Human Services Department’s (HSD’s) process for soliciting, evaluating, and scoring proposals, and for selecting Contractors to provide the scope of work identified in the RFP and comply with the terms in the Model Contract (Appendix L).

Although the resulting Managed Care Services Agreement (“Contract”) is exempt from New Mexico’s procurement code, HSD, the New Mexico Children, Youth, and Families Department (“CYFD”), the New Mexico Early Childhood Education and Care Department (“ECECD”),  and the New Mexico Behavioral Health Purchasing Collaborative (“the Collaborative”) will follow the procurement process set forth in New Mexico’s procurement code (NMSA 1978, Section 13-1-98.1 [1989] Hospital and health care exemption).

References to HSD in the RFP and the Contract related to Behavioral Health also include the Collaborative, whether or not such sections explicitly reference the Collaborative. The focus of New Mexico’s current Medicaid managed care program has been to strengthen facets of the program that are fundamental to delivering high quality and effective health care services to members, while advancing emerging managed care strategies and practices to improve the efficacy of services, efficiency of service delivery, and member satisfaction. While this area of focus will continue to be foundational to the program, Turquoise Care will introduce new and transformational practices for 2024 and beyond, improve access for Members, drive even greater accountability, and promote delivery of quality care over volume.

Offerors may submit questions in writing by emailing the Procurement Manager Charles Canada at (Please note that this address has been changed with the State’s migration from to The questions and answers will be posted in PDF format on this page. Offerors are encouraged to check this page regularly for updates.

The Procurement Manager has established an online procurement library on this page. The procurement library includes electronic documents and web links. Offerors are encouraged to review the materials contained in the online procurement library. HSD may continue to update the materials in the procurement library after this RFP is released; however, Offerors will be evaluated based upon the content contained in the RFP procurement library as of the final date for HSD to post responses to questions (see RFP Section 2.1, Procurement Schedule). Prior to that date, Offerors are advised to check the procurement library frequently to see if new and revised material has been added.

    Turquoise Care Questions & Answers

    Turquoise Care Medicaid Managed Care Quick Reference Material

    Turquoise Care Pre-Proposal Conferences for Potential Offerors

    Procurement Library

    This section contains documents and links related to this request for proposal that will assist offerors in the preparation of a responsive proposal.

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    NM Medicaid 1115 Waiver

    Managed Care Contract Fact Sheets

    NM Medicaid Centennial Care: Contracts

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