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Additional Services

Americans with Disabilities Act (Title II) – The Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) Coordinator is responsible for ensuring that ADA requests and requirements are met for the service of applicants and recipients of HSD programs. The ADA Coordinator works closely with the divisions of the department to ensure that services provided are available and accessible with reasonable modifications.

Emergency Preparedness
 – The Emergency Preparedness (EP) Coordinator is responsible for the development and coordination of emergency preparedness plans for the department. The coordinators is the primary support delegate to the Department of Homeland Security and the State Emergency Operations Center during Governor-declared state emergencies, and when department support resources may be needed. The department coordinates the Emergency Support Function (ESF) # 6—Mass Care. As the lead for ESF-6, the Coordinator works closely with external support resources such as non-government organizations, non-profit organizations and other state agencies to address the needs of New Mexicans impacted during emergencies.

HIPAA Privacy Officer
 – The HIPAA Privacy Officer handles requests for protected health information and oversees the department’s compliance with the U.S. Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act (HIPAA) privacy rules. The privacy officer ensures the protection of the private health information of HSD program applicants and recipients. Access to patient health information is only permitted in compliance with federal and state laws and per the department’s information privacy procedures. In cooperation with the HIPAA Security Officer, the privacy officer also oversees all activities related to the development, implementation, maintenance and adherence to the departments HIPAA policies and procedures. To submit a request for Private Health Information, please click here.

Loss Prevention & Control
 – The Loss Prevention and Control (LPC) Coordinator manages the prevention and control of insurable losses for the department. Loss prevention and control activities include the development of a Loss Prevention Plan that is filed with Risk Management. The Coordinator will also oversee the safety committees within the department to mitigate any threat, safety or otherwise, that may be a loss potential. The Coordinator will also review loss reports from the Risk Management Division, report this data to Executive Management, and work with the impacted division(s) to develop a corrective action plan to prevent such losses in the future.

For information related to any of the above services, please contact:

Azka Naru,Safety and Compliance Officer
Office: 505-709-5468