Governor signs House Bill 95, making enrolling in health insurance easier

Governor signs House Bill 95, making enrolling in health insurance easier

 March 3, 2022

SANTA FE Governor Michelle Lujan Grisham yesterday signed House Bill 95, which makes finding and enrolling in quality affordable health coverage easier for New Mexicans. The Easy Enrollment Act , sponsored by Representative Liz Thomson, Senator Liz Stefanics, and Senator Brenna McKenna, gives uninsured New Mexicans an easy on-ramp to health coverage through the state income tax system. 

 “This legislation will result in more New Mexicans enrolling in affordable health insurance – a win for families and communities around the state,” Gov. Lujan Grisham said. “Many New Mexicans are unaware that they qualify for quality coverage, and streamlining the enrollment process means a healthier New Mexico.”

New Mexico residents would be able to start the enrollment process by checking a box on their state income tax return. Starting next year, taxpayers will have the option to give the state tax agency permission to share information used to assess eligibility for low-cost or no-cost coverage with agencies that oversee health coverage programs, like Medicaid and the Health Insurance Marketplace, The Human Services Department will assess eligibility and contact uninsured individuals to provide information about their coverage options, increasing accessibility for all participants.

“Easy Enrollment is good government in action,” said Stephanie Schardin Clarke, Secretary of New Mexico Taxation and Revenue Department. “It will remove obstacles for health insurance coverage for vulnerable New Mexicans.”

“Many uninsured New Mexicans simply don’t know that they qualify for no-cost or low-cost health coverage,” said New Mexico Superintendent of Insurance Russel Toal. “Thanks to the Easy Enrollment Act, connecting with enrollment assistance could now be as easy as checking a box on the state income tax form. I commend Governor Lujan Grisham, Representative Liz Thomson, and the State Legislature for prioritizing this important coverage initiative.”

“The Easy Enrollment Act leverages the state’s income tax system to meet people where they are, instead of burdening them with the task of seeking out information about coverage programs that they may not know about,” said Nicole Comeaux, Medicaid Director for the New Mexico Human Services Department. “By giving New Mexicans this option, we are connecting them with services that we know have long-term positive social and economic benefits, while respecting the privacy of New Mexicans by requiring affirmative consent to opt-in to the program.”

“Easy Enrollment is a win for all New Mexicans,” said Representative Liz Thomson. “It’s a tool that will connect people who are uninsured with health coverage that meets their needs. This straightforward program will help keep people healthy and will ensure our doctors get paid for their services.”