State Recruits Primary Care Providers to Join COVID-19 Vaccine Distribution Effort

State Recruits Primary Care Providers to Join COVID-19 Vaccine Distribution Effort | Primary care providers in a unique position to hold intimate, meaningful conversations with patients about vaccination

NEW MEXICO – The New Mexico Departments of Health, Aging and Long-Term Services, and Human Services today announced a new initiative to recruit primary care providers into the COVID-19 vaccine distribution effort.

“At this point in our COVID-19 vaccine distribution, no group is more important than primary health care providers,” said DOH Cabinet Secretary Dr. Tracie Collins. “Primary care providers have longstanding relationships with their patients and are ideally placed to hold open, trusting conversations and encourage vaccinations. To support that work, DOH encourages providers to enroll as COVID-19 vaccine providers – and DOH will get you the doses you need to reach your patients.”

“COVID-19 vaccinations are the roadmap to successfully reopening,” said Dr. David Scrase, Secretary of the New Mexico Human Services Department. “We need all of our medical primary care partners to proactively make the vaccine available in their clinics and talk with their patients at every opportunity – in-person and virtual – about the importance of getting vaccinated for COVID-19. Please listen to any patient concerns regarding vaccine hesitation, ask your patients about who’s in their home or whether they have elderly parents or grandparents, and discuss the importance of getting the vaccine to protect them.”

Secretary Katrina Hotrum-Lopez of the Aging and Long-Term Services Department also encouraged New Mexicans to connect with their providers about getting protected with the COVID vaccine.

“We want New Mexicans, especially those who are the most vulnerable to this disease, to be able to make informed decisions about protecting themselves and their loved ones through vaccination. Thankfully, many seniors and adults with disabilities have established and trusted relationships with their primary care physicians. These important relationships pave the way for honest, well-informed conversations surrounding the COVID vaccine.”

Primary care providers can enroll as COVID-19 vaccine providers at the following link: