State launches centralized training calendar for behavioral health professionals 

A unified resource to enhance professional development in behavioral health 

SANTA FE – Today, the New Mexico Human Services Department (HSD) in partnership with the Children Youth and Families Department (CYFD), launched a new, free centralized training calendar designed to support the professional development of behavioral health professionals. This innovative resource consolidates a wide range of training opportunities and Continuing Education Units (CEUs) into a single, accessible platform, available at

“Our aim with this calendar is to streamline the process of accessing essential training opportunities, facilitating the professional growth of all practitioners in this field,” said Nick Boukas, Director of the Behavioral Health Services Division with the Human Services Department.  

“The ease of access will assist providers to deepen their understanding and skills in addressing the life span of New Mexicans,” said Liz Hamilton, Director of Behavioral Health Services for CYFD. “This effort will allow the different generations of providers to come together and collaborate.”  

The development of this calendar was a collaborative effort involving key stakeholders such as the New Mexico State University Center of Innovation, the University of New Mexico Division of Community Behavioral Health, HSD, and CYFD. The platform features trainings conducted by these and other organizations, ensuring a comprehensive range of topics and skills are covered. 

The state is dedicated to providing and promoting accessible, high-quality training for all behavioral health professionals across New Mexico. The centralized calendar serves as a valuable tool for counselors, social workers, community support workers, certified peer support workers, community health workers, and other related professionals, offering free CEUs from a variety of providers and organizations. 

Visit to search listings by organization, month, or topic.   


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