Human Services Department announces NMConnect app now features self-help wellness tools 

New Mexicans able to engage with new digital tools for emotional, mental, and behavioral support 

SANTA FEThe New Mexico Human Services Department (HSD) announced today that the NMConnect app has released an upgraded version that engages New Mexicans in a full suite of free digital self-help wellness tools. These tools offer support for one’s emotional, mental, behavioral, and substance use concerns. 

As of January 2023, 8,840 New Mexicans have downloaded the NMConnect app to access a counselor or peer support, self-help digital wellness tools, and community resources. The mobile app has new updates to help community members work on getting better, strengthen their recovery, and maintain mental wellness. 

“This app was developed to increase access for all New Mexicans — whether they are in crisis, need resources in their community, or just want to talk to someone. This new functionality has something for everyone,” said Bryce Pittenger, CEO of the Behavioral Health Collaborative.  

When people download the app for themselves or to help someone they know, they can receive mental health support through:   

  1. Wellness assessments: Support a person in understanding and tracking levels of stress, anxiety, and depression over time. Every two weeks the assessment provides a check-in on progress and a guide to the right support to maintain mental wellness. 
  1. Mood tracker: Encourages an individual to self-report on your mood and understand how the things you do throughout the day affect the way a person feels.  
  1. Self-help courses: Based in Cognitive Behavioral Therapy, the new features support a person with addressing the most common mental health concerns like anxiety and depression. Courses are delivered in short informational bites, designed with an emphasis on actionable steps and creating healthy habits.  
  1. Wellness tools: The interactive  tools help people connect and integrate the material in their daily practices.  Individuals can listen to meditations, practice mindfulness in the Zen Room, use the activity scheduler, use the fun and achievement tracker and calendar, take the thought distortions quiz, and journal in the thought diary. 

People can download the NMConnect app for free and begin an integrated self-guided digital wellness plan today via Apple iOS or Google Play Store.  


The department wants to ensure our clients of uninterrupted access to the benefits available to them. The easiest way to do this is to make sure contact information is up-to-date on the YesNM website: Users can simply and easily update their address using the chat functionality there. Step-by-step directions on how to update your address are available here. Individuals seeking to apply for or check their SNAP benefits may apply online through or by phone at 1-800-283-4465 

We talk, interpret and smile in all languages. We provide written information to our customers in both English and Spanish and interpretation services are available in 58 languages through our provider, CTS Language Link. For our hearing, and speech impaired customers, we utilize Relay New Mexico, a free 24-hour service that ensures equal communication access via the telephone to individuals who are deaf, hard of hearing, deaf-blind or speech disabled. 

The Human Services Department provides services and benefits to 1,077,502 New Mexicans through several programs including: the Medicaid Program, Temporary Assistance for Needy Families (TANF) Program, Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program (SNAP), Child Support Program, and several Behavioral Health Services.